Information for New Paddlers

The BDBC open practices occur every Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM and Saturday mornings from 8:00 to 9:30. For those of you that have never participated in dragon boating before, here are a few handy things to know to make your experience more enjoyable: 

  • The club has never flipped a boat during practice so the odds of you going completely into the water are very low but please keep in mind that there can be a significant amount of splashing on board. Chances are good that you will get a bit wet while we're out there so you should dress accordingly. Wear clothes that you won't mind getting wet.

  • As far as footwear goes, some people like to paddle barefoot, some like to wear flip flops and others like water shoes of some sort. Sneakers and shoes like that are usually a bad idea since they can get wet and uncomfortable pretty quickly.

  • Although the club normally tries to have a cooler available with bottled water, it's not a bad idea to bring a bottle with you to practice to take on the boat. During the summer months especially, it can get warm out there and we like to hydrate regularly.

  • The seats on the boat are not the softest in the world and your butt will most likely be a bit sore after practice. To soften the seat a bit, it is recommended that you bring some sort of pad. There are many different options that our club members use and some of the most popular are gardening knee pads and folded up bath mats. A bunched up towel will suffice as well.

  • Other handy items that you may want to bring with you are sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves and a hat.

  • Life jackets and paddles are provided to everyone.

  • There is not room on the boat to bring much else with you so please leave everything in your car/on land.

  • There is a secure waterproof bag available to collect everyone's car keys when we get on the boat.

  • The point of our open practices, is to get people familiar with the sport of dragon boating while demonstrating proper technique and timing. Our coaches are excellent at explaining the mechanics of paddling a dragon boat and working towards the ultimate goal of having all twenty paddlers working as a single unit to move as efficiently through the water as possible, all while having a whole lot of fun! Hope to see you there!

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