We are not just a paddling club; BDBC cares about the health and well-being of its members. Our goal is to help you learn (or rediscover) a healthy, happy lifestyle, and maintain it all year-round.
Our training is tailored to all types of paddlers, from total newbies to active competitors, breast cancer survivors, youth, veterans, and general club members.
Get stronger. Go faster. Together.

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On the Water

The paddling season begins in April and ends in October. Open practices focus on paddling technique and timing, overall strength & conditioning, and the pleasures of the sport. Race practices are more intense. They focus on race-specific training for speed, strategy, and strong starts & finishes. Both types of practice are fun and challenging, but race practice prepares you for competition. (See Practices for more information.)

Off the Water

Land training may occur periodically during our season, but it really picks up when the boats come out of the water in October. Weekly evening sessions are directed by a personal trainer. This sweet suffering includes high-intensity interval training, cardio fitness, and weights workouts. You can pay per month ($80 for two sessions/week, $60 for one session/week) or pay $20 for a drop-in. Please check the club calendar for up-to-date schedule and costs.